Add value to your property with our decks, porches, gazebos and play equipment installation and repair services. At you'll find licensed and experienced contractors who for years have served the metropolitan area and surrounding cities. Backyard or outdoor structures is a wise investment to one's home or commercial area. Decks and porches are wonderful extensions of a building that encourages occupants to enjoy outdoors and can be a great venue for entertaining guests and friends. Other than increasing the resale value of your property, you'll get an aesthetically pleasing garden with our customized or standard gazebo and play house installation service that can attract customers for your commercial space. Functional, stunning and durable, landscape elements such as these, are built by our skilled craftsmen and builders who follow all local building codes. We also do deck refurbishing services where we upgrade your existing deck with new decking, rails and stairs. Give us a call and we can give you free cost estimate and consultation on your outdoor project.

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Get stunning and cost efficient structural additions to your home or commercial space through our decks, porches, gazebos and play equipment Installation and repair services. If you need excellent project management for your outdoor structure our decks, porches, gazebos and play equipment contractors will take all types of projects. From refinishing or refurbishing of existing decks to new construction of a two-storey playhouse our licensed and experienced building contractors will provide quality service for our valued customers. Creating a patio or deck for your family home is a great investment. Not only do you add square footage for your home with a lesser cost but it's also a great opportunity to have a healthier lifestyle. Family barbecues, outdoor lunches, playhouse tea parties and garden weddings are just a few family and social activities you can enjoy with your outdoor and backyard building additions. Our comprehensive services include but not limited to awning and patio cover installment, deck or porch building and replacement, arbor, pergola or trellis design and construction, clean, powerwashing and seal deck or porch, synthetic grass installation, outdoor kitchen design and construction and outdoor play equipment repair and installation. We also do sauna and spa equipment installation on decks and patio area, as well as garage design and construction. Call us today and have our courteous and knowledgeable company representatives help you with your queries.

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  • Licensed and Experienced Contractors
  • Backyard Outdoor Structures
  • Skilled Craftsmen and Builders
  • Deck Refurbishing Services
  • Free Cost Estimate and Consultation
  • Excellent Project Management
  • Refinishing or Refurbishing of Existing Decks
  • New Construction of a Two-Storey Playhouse
  • Licensed and Experienced Building Contractors
  • Courteous and Knowledgeable Company Representative
  • Awning and Patio Cover Installment
  • Deck or Porch Building and Replacement
  • Arbor, Pergola or Trellis Design and Construction
  • Clean, Powerwashing and Seal Deck or Porch
  • Synthetic Grass Installation
  • Outdoor Kitchen Design and Construction
  • Outdoor Play Equipment Repair and Installation
  • Functional, Stunning and Durable, Landscape Elements
  • Sauna and Spa Equipment Installation on Decks and Patio Area
  • Garage Design and Construction